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Thermal Imaging

Our engineers use a thermal imaging camera that can detect radiation in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum and produce high-quality images of the radiation on a visual display unit for troubleshooting. By combining our experience and expertise of several technologies, we offer customer-driven thermographic deliverables that different governmental entities and companies may use to meet their unique thermographic needs. We use innovative hardware, software, and processes to capture unparalleled thermal energy imagery for our clients regardless of their niche industry. Gas Track can assist with all your thermal imaging needs.


At Gas Track Engineering Ltd., we use state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras that read radiation and display images the naked eye cannot see. Our cameras can easily detect where heat is being lost from a source or accumulating in other areas. Our thermography services:
  • Are used effectively in several applications, including hot spot detection, electrical panel inspections and vessel sand buildup levels.
  • Measure temperature differentials
  • Store site information and all survey data
  • Provide notification of required fixes and pinpoint exact heat locations even in large areas
  • Provide a full image of the area of interest
  • Identify and locate issues before they become non-repairable or significant problems


We can use IR thermography to detect problems clients never knew they had. We recommend that clients make plans for routine thermal imaging surveys to be carried out multiple times per year. Not only will these surveys create a safer environment, but they can help to save money by avoiding potentially devastating fires. Combining regular thermal imaging surveys, maintenance, and general awareness will go a long way in preventing incidents.


Gas Track Engineering Ltd. uses FLIR infrared cameras from helicopters to detect hot spots in burn piles and help prevent forest fires. Our advanced cameras make damage estimation and reporting stress-free with the industry’s most accurate and comprehensive measurements, analysis, and information. The FLIR thermal cameras offer the best resolution and display the most versatile thermal image colour representations. Our cameras have advanced features allowing us to quickly scan large areas and assess what is restorable with confidence and accuracy. FLIR cameras incorporate software that supports templates, spell check and ensure easy conversion to PDF format to guarantee trouble-free sharing of reports and data.


Finding the potential source of forest fires can be one of the most time-consuming parts of a service call. Gas Track’s technicians utilize innovative thermography techniques to identify hotspots more efficiently. Our highly trained and seasoned thermographers ensure fires are brought under control before they cause massive damage. Using thermal imaging, our technicians can regularly monitor equipment to anticipate fires before they happen and ensure preventative measures are put in place. Our technicians will carry out an extensive inspection and answer all your questions; call us today.
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