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Our Mission

To build upon a solid foundation of trust and respect with our clients,
empowering our team to uphold the highest standard of project delivery, and encapsulating the deeper goal of a healthy environment for generations to come.

Gas Track Engineering Truck


We use FLIR’s Intrinsically Safe GFx320 Optical Gas Imaging Camera for gas leak detection and thermal imaging. This camera’s detector is cryogenically cooled, improving the thermal resolution, and allowing us to detect small gas leaks and smaller temperature variations easily. We augment the use of this camera with RKI’s GX 2012 Multi-Gas Detector for measuring gas concentrations. This device can detect and measure methane concentrations below 500 ppm.

Data Management

Accurate data collection and secure data storage are paramount for an effective and compliant Fugitive Emissions Management Program. We collect data through our custom mobile application and send it to a cloud based server where it can be instantly accessed for further analysis and report generation. Your data is stored for years and can be readily accessed upon request. We can also manage your Methane Emissions Record Keeping as per Section 8.11 of the Alberta Energy Regulator’s Directive 060.

Benefits of Choosing Gas Track Engineering


Gas Track App

Our “Gas Track App” makes the recording and calculation of emissions straightforward, automated, and standardized.


BROA/MTIP Certified Service Provider

We have been providing emissions reduction services in conjunction with Carbon Connect International (CCI) since early 2021 and are a certified Baseline Reduction Opportunity Assessment Program (BROA) and Methane Technology Implementation Program (MTIP) service vendor.


Compressor Seal Testing​​

Gas Track uses state-of-the-art equipment meeting D060 requirements, such as the Hawk Vent 9000 meter to measure vent flows of various reciprocating compressor seals or centrifugal compressor seals.


Ability to Repair Leaks

By having our crews work in conjunction with qualified repair personnel, we can streamline the repair and confirmation process and offer valuable insight into emission reduction opportunities.


Business Intelligence Reports

Business Intelligent (BI) reports enhance the presentation of your data, and are readily available for your team.


MRRCP and FEMP Support

Using modules in the Gas Track App, we can collect inventory data and quantify vent gas data from various components and operations. Through our in-depth understanding of current regulations, we can help you plan suitable and cost-effective retrofit solutions to bring your emissions into compliance


Facility Code Mapping

New for 2022, we now offer facility code mapping. Current aerial imagery is compiled to create a mosaic with labels identifying which components or areas within a site make up each Petrinex Code.


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Keyera Corp.

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Jason has always provided a cost effective service, on time, on budget and of high quality.

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