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Fugitive Emission and Comprehensive Surveys

Whether you're looking to have your field of wellsites screened annually or a more thorough survey performed on your facilities. Gas Track utilizes FLIR Infrared cameras and RKI vapour analyzers to perform fugitive emissions surveys on gas plants, compressor stations, hydrocarbon storage tanks, battery sites, satellite sites, treating facilities, terminals, injection/disposal facilities, and straddle and fractionation plants. The required frequency of these surveys varies - we can help you determine the applicable schedule for your facilities. Call or email us to receive a quote!



Fugitive emissions surveys are conducted using the intrinsically safe FLIR GFx320 Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) cameras to perform leak detection. This camera allows our technicians to scan the sites more precisely and up to nine times faster than conventional methods. An intrinsically safe RKI GX-2012 multi-gas detector determines the gas concentrations and verifies results from the OGI camera, including leak repair confirmations. Gas Track uses the QL320 tablet by FLIR for leak flow rate determination, which pairs with the latest FLIR OGI camera (the GFx320). This innovative software system is far less cumbersome and safer than previous methods and can quantify leaks that would otherwise be challenging to reach.


The OGI camera is used to detect leaks, where the RKI GX-2012 further assesses them for gas identification and concentration. After a leak is detected, the component is affixed with a tag containing a unique identification number. A digital photo and infrared video of the component are captured, and all information regarding the leak is recorded using the QL320 tablet and uploaded to our secure cloud database, the Gas Track App. Any leaks found are communicated to the field representative within 24 hours of discovery by email from an automated process. Compressor Seal testing is conducted using the Hawk 9000 vent gas meter at sites with an uncontrolled reciprocating or centrifugal compressor rated over 75kW and operating more than 450 hours per year.

Inventory and Reporting

Equipment inventory is conducted at sites surveyed by Gas Track Engineering and is uploaded and stored in our secure cloud-based platform, the Gas Track App. The collected survey and inventory data are compiled, and summary reports are prepared and customized to your needs before being sent to your firm. Work order request forms are provided digitally for use by your operators; these forms can also be exported in CSV format, depending on your preference. Repairs are easily tracked through our database, and reminders or notifications regarding repairs or re-scans can be sent by email at your request. Gas Track uses the collected data to support developing and enhancing your Fugitive Emissions Management Plan (FEMP) and Methane Reduction Retrofit Compliance Plan (MRRCP).

Methane Reduction Retrofit Compliance Plan and Fugitive Emissions Management Plan

Gas Track Engineering offers support for your MRRCP and FEMP. MRRCPs identify opportunities for equipment replacement or retrofits to comply with section 8.6 of Alberta Energy Regulator’s (AER) Directive 060. FEMPs complement the emissions reduction strategy by establishing a plan and support system for detecting and managing fugitive emissions.
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