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Land and Construction Surveying


Gas Track provides land surveying services and offers rapid response decision-makers required in today’s competitive climate. Our surveyors have extensive experience performing surveys for oil and gas operations, commercial and residential developments, highways, buildings, utilities, property acquisitions, environmental projects, site development, and many other types. We have invested in the most modern equipment and tools and are adept at practical innovation to help reduce the costs and expedite the completion of our projects while maintaining premium quality service for our clients.


At Gas Track Engineering, we apply distinct approaches to provide timely and high-quality services. We combine specialized equipment and highly trained professionals to offer clients full-spectrum surveying to serve a diverse client base. Located in Grande Prairie, Alberta, we offer clients an in-depth understanding of the provincial regulatory requirements and the current market conditions. Our field personnel frequently travel to different areas and are always available to handle a variety of land surveying projects. Our land survey services include:
  • Oil and gas surveys
  • As-built surveys
  • Legal surveys
  • Construction stakeout
  • Pile layout and pile cut-offs
  • Buried utility identification & location
  • Boundary surveys
  • Topographic surveys
  • Elevation certifications
  • Hydrographic surveys
  • High order control surveys
  • Wetland surveys
  • Infrastructure layout
  • 3-D laser scanning
  • Lidar modelling
  • Aerial surveys using drone technology
  • Minor and major subdivisions
  • Control networks for construction
  • Property line disputes
  • Plan of survey preparation

You can trust that Gas Track has the experience and knowledge to handle your project irrespective of its size or complexity. We offer data collection, processing, presentation, and quality management expertise to projects that depend heavily on these resources. Furthermore, Gas Track has developed internal procedures, processes and innovations that help to maximize productivity while minimizing the risks of rework, ultimately saving our clients time and money.


Gas Track Engineering strives to provide accurate and timely survey deliverables to all clients; we utilize the latest surveying technology from the field to the final plan. Whether a survey project requires data acquisition for precise land-based development or incorporated Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services, Gas Track has you covered. Our field teams are fully versed in the proper and efficient use of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), laser scanners, drones, optical/digital levels. We ensure that all our land surveying vehicles are fully equipped with everything needed for the projects at hand, and communication equipment enables real-time on-site transmission and retrieval of field data. Our office staff use innovative computer software, including Carlson survey, MicroSurvey, AutoCAD Civil3D and Trimble Business Center, for all your surveying needs.


With our company’s roots grounded in the land surveying field, we remain at the forefront of technology for providing accurate and efficient survey data that can be used to make major project decisions. We are not afraid of challenges and have highly trained and well-equipped survey crews who are never put off by tight spaces, expansive sites, and unusual circumstances. We are invigorated by site challenges; when you partner with Gas Track Engineering, you can be confident that nothing is impossible; we offer a range of services to support even the most complex and demanding projects.


Gas Track offers a full range of services and a skilled approach to professional land surveying and geodetic services. Our employees work efficiently to guarantee quick and effective services to our clients regardless of their needs and continuously review our surveying procedures to aid your visualization of the site. Gas Track’s attention to detail on projects guarantees a smooth workflow and offers a quick turnaround from the initial quotation to the production of your final drawings. If you are looking for a company that provides high-quality and meticulous surveying services backed by excellent customer service, then Gas Track Engineering is your ideal choice. We provide a combination of professional construction and land surveying expertise and competitive technology; Gas Track Engineering has the knowledge, determination, and ability to bring great value to all our clients. If you would like to know more about Gas Track Engineering or have questions regarding how we can serve all your land surveying needs, contact us today!
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