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Methane Reduction Retrofit Compliance Plan Development

The retrofit and replacement requirements in section 8.6 of the Alberta Energy Regulator's Directive 060 may involve advance planning and investment to ensure compliance, we can help you establish your Methane Reduction Retrofit Compliance Plan (MRRCP). Gas Track will include a schedule to replace or retrofit existing equipment and the resources and budget required for compliance or customize our services to perfectly complement your existing MRRCP. Did you know as of June 1, 2019, the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) required oil and gas producers to annually prepare an MRRCP to track the changes and progress made over the year. Contact us to help develop/enhance your plan today.

What is a Methane Reduction Retrofit Compliance Plan?

Methane Reduction Retrofit Compliance Plans (MRRCPs) are intended to identify opportunities for equipment replacement and retrofits to comply with section 8.6 of Alberta Energy Regulator's (AER) Directive 060. Inventory and quantification of vent gas data are used to develop/enhance your MRRCP, included in the MRRCP are estimated abatement costs to update the remaining methane venting equipment.
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