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Environmental Promise

Setting and meeting high environmental standards is a prerequisite for carrying out business in a sustainable society. Gas Track Engineering commits itself to good stewardship in the protection of life, health, and the environment. 

Gas Track Engineering commits itself to developing and applying feasible and effective methods and technologies for the handling, storage, elimination, reduction, collection, containment, recycling, and disposal of materials that were generated on the job and are of environmental concern. Gas Track further commits to setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets in order to achieve continual improvement and the prevention of pollution.

Gas Track Engineering promises to:

  • Set environmental objectives and targets to continually improve environmental performance and provide the management, commitment, and resources necessary to achieve stated objectives.
  • Promote new technologies aimed at conserving, recycling, and renewing the used resources.
  • Promote environmental awareness and train its employees in their environmental responsibilities.
  • Implement programs and procedures to minimize the consequences of emergency events, by ensuring prompt and effective response.
  • Consider project waste, trash and/or scrap materials before work begins, and manage all waste generated on the job.
  • Coordinate with our clients the disposal of waste or scrap material.
  • Provide training on waste management to our employees.
  • Ensure the use of gloves and/or other PPE when handling waste.
  • Ensure contaminated waste materials are disposed of in closed receptacles.
  • Conduct its business in a responsible manner, designed to protect the environment and health and safety of its employees, its clients and the public
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